'Yoga is about finding yourself and your own identity and simply being the best version of you.'

Yoga is growing with increasing popularity by the day simply because it works.

Having a yoga teacher with a developed knowledge base, grounded in philosophy and anatomy is very important. Yoga can assist a healing cessation for anyone in either physical and emotional trauma using movement as a tool or meditation to help reunite the bio-mechanics of both body and mind back towards equilibrium.

It’s a case of balance and finding what works and working closely with an experienced and caring teacher will of course help. If you’re currently receiving medical help please seek advice from your GP before attending your first Yoga class and make the teacher fully aware of any injuries prior to class.

It can benefit anyone, whether you’re prone to injury and are seeking an alternative exercise regime or prone to stress, and the increasing intensity of modern day life has led you to find a yoga class to kick the ‘stress habit’, restore and rejuvenate your life from the yoga mat, up. 

Yoga is not about developing yourself to touch your toes, or to be extremely flexible, in fact far from it! It’s about feeling good in your body & spirit. 



810 – 9:30pm
St Paul’s Church Hall, Helsby, WA6 9AE

The Boulder Hut, E.Port

Olympic Park, CH66 1ST (Junction 7 M53)

Forest Hills, Frodsham

12:00 – 1:00pm
*Therapy class

Forest Hills, Frodsham

9:30 – 11:00am
*Intermediate Students

Dunham on the Hill


The Boshaw Centre, Village Road, WA6 0LX
**Starts 5th, September**

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