Yoga Body Therapy 1 – The War is Over 27th Dec


Wednesday December 27th

A special Yoga Body Therapy class to celebrate a Yuletide Yogi Christmas.

This extended class is a great opportunity for you to have a bit of time on the mat following Boxing Day after polishing off your Nut Roast and mountain of Brussel sprouts.

This event is suitable for Beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Aeron McGates will be on hand to help Will, teaching by offering assists and verbal guidance.


At this workshop you will explore some of the more intelligent sequencing and cues we use in class. During the session you will deepen your understanding of the relationships between muscles exploring Myo-fascial based tension release targeting structural muscles that Will use’s during Bodywork Treatments while performing classical Yoga postures. (Yep- that is clever!!)

There will be an Active meditation to finish so please bring extra layers of blankets and fluffy socks.

St Paul’s Church Hall
Price £15

Booking is essential and all tickets are non-refundable. (Certain exceptions can be made.)


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