2 Month Class Pass


Purchase a class bundle to be used at Yoga and Healing Cheshire’s weekly Tuesday class at St Paul’s Church Hall, Helsby, 810-930pm.


You save a lot using the class bundle and it also gives you the encouragement to attend class more regularly. (We all need that right!?)

Practicing Yoga is so rewarding and finding the motivation to practice can often feel challenging. Soon following your first inhale stood proudly at the top of the mat, your mood often shifts to a more joyous disposition and suddenly life returns to feeling more effortless as you move through our specially designed Yoga Body Therapy Sequence.

***I would like students to use a direct debit every two months instead of purchasing using PayPal, to avoid PayPal fees***


**You have 2 months from the date of purchase on your receipt to use the class pass before it expires and this is non-refundable.



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