Sunday School Yoga

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Sunday school sessions are suitable for all.

The aspiring Yogi with a yearn for artistic movement and those seeking a meditative afternoon of calm, the inward journey of restfulness.

2.00pm – Vinyassa skills class

3.15pm –  Interval

3.30pm – Nourishing Yin, gentle movement and meditation

Attend a choice of either or both?


To buy one class pay online – if you wish to attend both daily sessions please email to confirm space and receive payment instructions.

£10 per class

St Paul’s Church (Hall at the back), Helsby Upcoming dates:

Sunday 16th June,

Sunday 28th July,

Sunday 18th August,

Sunday 15th September 

What to expect?

  • Advanced skills Vinyassa class; Vinyassa means ‘placement of your awareness’. This advanced skills class synchronize breath with movement becoming stronger and more supple while you become more meditative achieving a ‘flow state’ in your mind. Expect to learn techniques to attempt some of Yoga’s trickier poses such arm balances, inversions or splits. Suitable for those who have practiced Yoga before and perfect for aspiring students helping you develop your practice in a stimulating and spiritually lifting class.
  • Yin Yoga; Open to all body types young and old. During this slow will be asked to hold poses for roughly 3-5mins so bring extra layers to ensure you stay nice, cozy and warm. Yin Yoga is a beautiful opportunity to become more still allowing opening to unwind, unraveling ourselves and our thoughts with a gentle arousal of tenderness. Tentatively going deeper the more we relax. Restoring muscles function, elasticity and calm.
Bring a snack to enjoy during the short break between sessions.


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