Breathing into love, backbend workshop


Backbends can sometimes feel a tenuous challenge in Yoga which is unfortunate because they’re also one of the most beneficial things you can do.
Practicing deep backbending can help shred vulnerability by opening energetically channels, specifically opening the physical and emotional heart.
“Where there is love there is light!”
Learning how to enter, develop and breathe pain free during poses in your yoga class is essential to feel supported, body aware and most importantly enjoying your experience.
Backbends can sometimes feel rushed, so this workshop is designed to inform students on important themes to sustain longevity and accomplish a disciplined, healthy backbend practice.
Anatomy lecture
Learn how to activate key muscles
Avoid pinching in lower back, lumbar support
Going deep (we all have a limit!)
Beginners/intermediate/advanced backbends
The workshop will conclude with Bhakti Yoga which is the Yoga of devotion/love.
Saturday 28th July
St Paul’s Church, Helsby
Pay via website to confirm place (non-refundable)


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