Backbend Workshop April


Backbends are integral to the system of Yoga similar to the importance of water and Earth when supporting our natural habitats, forests and wildlife.

Backbends are uplifting, heart opening, deeply invigorating and so good for body and spirit. Practicing backbends safely will help mobilise the vertebrae and spinal discs, connect you more fully with the power in the breath. They also give you a new sense of prospective and they take a lot of ‘guts’!

Backbends are deeply healing on so many levels. They also need to be handled with care. The most common complaint being over working/stretching and aggravating or pinching in the lower back.

Learning how to safely execute, prepare and develop your body to feel supported and alive in Backbends to compliment a sustainable and therapeutic Yoga practice.

Everyone hates lower back problems right!?

During this workshop you will learn;

How to mobilise the spine for backbends.
The Anatomy of Backbends
Partner Work
How to prepare the body from the earth up
Common problems and compensation patterns
Developing Muscles and Fasica
Beginners, intermediate and Advanced Backbends

Helsby St Paul’s Church Hall
21st April

Secure your place with full payment and tickets are non-refundable.


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