Make wellness
in your workplace
a company priority


Email Yoga & Healing Cheshire today to book a Yoga class with a teacher of your choice or enquire in to our 6 week mindfulness meditation course, to inject an energy of calm into your office.

“Mindfulness means waking up and checking in to what’s happening, so we can make wise choices….”

Healthy happy staff, creates a healthy, happy and thriving business.

Over the six weeks partake in 45-75 minutes weekly sessions expect to learn;
  • What is mindfulness?
  • How to meditate and settle the mind
  • Be able to use mindfulness and practical techniques to reduce stress, improve happiness levels.
  • An introduction to the “5 ways to wellbeing”
  • How to develop calm to be more effective with time management and make healthier choices
  • Easy to follow breathing exercises
  • Learn to develop and experience the connection between body and mind.
  • How to recognise signs and causes of “burnout”

Start using mindfulness as an exercise/skill by cultivating these three related skills:

  1. Intentionally paying attention to moment-by moment events as they unfold in the internal and external world
  2. Noticing habitual reactions to such events, often characterized by aversion or attachment (commonly resulting in over-thinking)
  3. Cultivating the ability to respond to events, and to reactions to them, with an attitude of open curiosity and compassion.
Every staff member will receive worksheets for the 6 weeks, certificate, free book, cd recordings and pdf scripts.

Contact Yoga & Healing Cheshire to request info for any of our specialist workplace wellness packages to help take care of your staff.